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Creative way of taking the anamnesis; healing process
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HIV-nakkus, meie igapäevane konkurent ideaalse partneri otsinguil?
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Questions and opinions of young Estonian men about sexual health and sexuality.
Sexuality-related vocabulary
Armastus ja seksuaalsus
Loojast ja loomisest läbi mütoloogia


Sexuality-related vocabulary has been obtained during the training sessions of sexual counselling and safe sex in the years of 1998-2003. Small groups of 3-4 participants were given the task to write down as many synonyms as they knew (common words, neologisms, archaisms, pet names, medical expressions, scientific expressions, nursery language and also the so-called obscene words).
If a counsellor only uses medical expressions, it does not always enhance mutual understanding with the counselee, therefore the synonym-finding task is an inseparable part of relevant training sessions.


Male genitalia Female genitalia Sexual intercourse Total
Number of synonyms 235 203 241 679
Positive, interesting or joyful 55 33 73 161
Negative 11 26 20 57
Nursery language 6 4 - 10
Medical, scientific 14 26 13 43
Flora, fauna and edible things 26 35 - 61
Others 123 82 135 340

The number of sexuality-related synonyms, 697, shows the abundance of our language but the figure is still only half as much as that in the respective Finnish collection "Tulppaani Sademetsässä" Sexpo, 1998, Helsinki (vocabulary collected during 10 years).

The categories presented in the table above are only preliminary and not final. It seems, however, that male genitalia carry a more positive message than female ones which are given less synonyms that, at the same time, are more negative and more medical.

We continue to collect new vocabulary and therefore all those participating in the conference are welcome to supplement the lists on the poster. It is also possible to e-mail us new synonyms.

Ester Väljaots,