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Creative way of taking the anamnesis; healing process
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Creative way of taking the anamnesis; healing process.

While taking the anamnesis, it is not important only to collect information about patients/clients sexual development, experiences,  disturbances and  history, but it is also necessary to get the holistic picture about the client together with  his/her relationships and reflect it. Taking the anamnesis using drawing, associations and questions  gives the client possibility to see things in another way.
This approach itself can have the healing effect and very often has.

The following method of taking anamnesis has two aspects:

  1. life arc – journey from birth to today
  2. map of relations here and now

Picture 1 : life arc


Picture  2 :map of relations


Taking the anamnesis this way takes ~2, 5 hours. It is divided into two sessions.
Drawing the life arc takes approximately 10 minutes, analyzing it together with client ~ 45 minutes. The time structure of  the next session (relations) is the same. Both important topics get creative associative title from the client.
This method gives holistic and emotional picture. These drawings  reflect the clients´ situation and his/her attitude to it here and now and expressions are not only verbal as usually. Everything has a meaning and messages are given by colors, shapes, distances and titles in the drawings. The titles are verbalized as “ My life is…” and “My relations are…”
This method provides  possibilities for the client to be in his/her life and to see it from the distance and to take chances here and now and plan the future.
Every human being is unique and more than his/her diagnose or disturbance/s.

From workshops:

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Ester Väljaots , M.S.Ed.
sexual counselor, supervisor